Deep Red Zero Waste Christmas Cone Decorations (Set of 3)


Zero Waste Christmas Cone Decorations from Lubech Living


Deep Red


8cm, 11cm & 16cm (height)


100% zero waste recycled materials


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These deep red zero waste Christmas cone decorations (set of 3) are made completely from recycled materials.   A great way to give your home a contemporary festive feel that is also kind to the environment (no harmful plastics here!),  Designed by Susanne Lubech from Lubech Living the decorations are all handmade in Sri Lanka by a Fairtrade womens’ cooperative.   These beautiful hand rolled cones are part of the wider ethical OOhh Collection from the Danish brand Lubech Living, founded in 2009 with a desire to not only produce timeless style for the home, but to do this in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.  The cones are rolled in OOhh’s unique Zero Waste paper and the shape, pattern and warmth of the paper make these cones completely unique, creating a warm festive atmosphere.  The cones will look particular good in a natural setting (think real tree or just some great twigs popped into vases).  They will make an amazing central feature for the table too (may be add to a nice central tree branch).   Zero Waste paper is a new generation of recycled paper, where all of the waste is also used up in production.  The softness of the paper allows us to emboss the most beautiful patterns in the paper. Zero Waste paper is a fantastic example of the green development of the future, where own residual waste is used internally.


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