Handmade Eco Candle Holder in Saffron


Handmade Eco Candle Holder from British Colour Standard


Saffron, a lovely vibrant deep yellow colour


Made from wooden waste offcuts that would otherwise go to landfill and hand turned into a perfectly smooth elegant candle holder


15cm high x 6cm diameter


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Handmade eco candle holder in Saffron, a beautiful shade of deep yellow that is perfect for a splash of summer colour!  Made from waste wooden offcuts that would otherwise have been chipped or burned these are hand turned to create a smooth, elegant candle holder that is perfect for displaying your British Colour Standard dinner candles.  All of the colours in the British Colour Standard range have a story behind them and are part of a range of colours from a colour palette dating back to the 1930s that was discovered in an charity shop by the owners of Designed in Colour They bought the copyright to the range of BCS colours and now produce a range of homeware using the exact shades from the original palette.  For example, Gunmetal Grey is the colour of British battleships!  The candle holder comes in a smart, British Standard Colour standard Kraft box and so would also make a great gift.  Candles sold and listed separately.


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