Olive wood serving bowl from Van Verre

Country of origin

Handmade traditionally in Tunisia


14cm wide x 12cm high


A rinse with warm water is more than sufficient to wash the robust olive wood. Olive wood and soap is not a good combination and the wood is not dishwasher resistant. A gentle rub of olive oil feeds the wood and enriches its lively markings, allowing this exceptional product to be enjoyed for years!



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This beautifully crafted olive wood aperitif bowl is handmade by artisans in Tunisia. Each product made from olive wood is unique due to the nature of the natural veins and colourings of the wood and each bowl has its own unique shape. The hands of the craftsman carefully follow the organic shapes of the seasoned wood and the beauty of the patterns of the woodgrains come to life in the shape of this lovely bowl which is ideal for serving bites, snacks and tapas. Van Verre work closely with all of their artisan makers to guarantee the highest standard of ethics and sustainability. They are working closely with local government in Tunisia to ensure that for every olive tree used, a new tree replaces it.


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