Pure Oil Timber Candle in Melon White by Vance Kitira



An exceptionally toxin free pure oil candle from Vance Kitira (a world renowned candle expert)

Certification from the highest standard (SGS Multilab in Rouen)

Pure oil and fine dyes give the candles a clarity of colour not found in other commercial mass produced candles.

Incredibly long burn times making them economical in the long term

The candles were originally poured inside bamboo and the subtle patterning effect from this has still been retained.


Melon White


8cm diameter x 7.5cm high


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Product Description

This pure oil timber candle in Melon White is made by the world renowned candle maker Vance Kitira.  Vance is a Thai forester and his beautiful candles are derived from his love of nature.  He created the original ‘timber’ candles by pouring pure oils into bamboo which gave the candles their distinct subtle patterning.  Whilst bamboo is not used today, the markings have been retained and give the candles an original authentic feel.  The oils made for the candles are completely pure food grade mineral oils that all come with the highest certification level (from the SGS Multilab in Rouen). These pure oil candles are certified pure light burning without the release of harmful or carcinogenic substances.

The candles are good value due to their incredibly long burning times (indeed one customer who has been using candles for many years commented that they were the longest burning candles she has ever had).  The colour palette of the range of candles is derived using fine dyes which give the candles a clarity and subtlety not found in other commercially mass produced candles.

Think of yourself, your family and the environment and light candles with a good conscience!


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