Pure Oil Timber Votive Gift Box in Melon White from Vance Kitira



Pure oil timber votive gift set (set of 12).

Tea lights have the highest level of purity with certification from the SGS Laboratory from Rouen


4cm diameter x 5cm high


9 in stock


This pure oil timber votive gift box in Melon White from the specialist candle maker, Vance Kitira. Lubech Living are the Danish supplier of these pure oil candles that burn with absolutely no pollutants or environmentally harmful chemicals. Vance began making candles in 1993 and is unique in receiving the highest level of certification for the purity of the materials in his candles. Food grade oil is used that has been refined so there are no impurities and excess colours and scents. Made with 100% cotton wicks and fine dyes. The result is beautiful candles displaying a warm glow and with no carcinogenics (no cause of cancer). The candles are tested at the independent SGS Laboratory in France. ift box with 12 votives.


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