Small Salad Bowl in Mixed Pattern Duck Egg from Wonki Ware


Small Salad Bowl in Mixed Pattern Duck Egg from Wonki Ware


Handmade in the Wonki Ware pottery on the Garden Route in South Africa.

Every piece is unique in shape and style.

Perfect for collecting all of the pieces complement one another (but beware it is addictive as each piece is so lovely!)


25cm x 25cm x 10cm high


Wonki Ware is dishwasher safe


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This small salad bowl in mixed pattern duck egg is a beautiful contemporary and iconic Salad Serving Bowl from the Wonki Ware pottery.  The range is incredibly versatile and every pattern is completely unique with no two patterns being the same.  The salad bowl is an incredibly versatile piece which will look great in any table setting and will look simple and elegant wherever you choose to put it.  Hand crafted in South Africa through an artisanal process they are a great range that can be collected over a period of time as each and every piece complements each other……..Every single item, from a tiny salt dish to a generous trough platter, goes through the same creative process, which sees the clay moulded, shaped, smoothed and painted during 15 different stages.

Wonki Ware was founded by Di Marshall almost 20 years ago, in a small town on the Garden Route in South Africa. Di continues to be the creative force that steers this remarkable ship. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her humility, in the face of such creative success, is as unique as her wonderful product ……..

Additional info: It should be noted that all these products are hand made and therefore could appear slightly different from one another. This contributes to the unique and organic feel and appearance of this product.


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