Striped Woven Plant Pot Cover from British Colour Standard (25cm)


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A striped woven plant pot cover from British Colour Standard in Tuscan Yellow, Rose Beige and Pearl is all made recycled cement sacks that are washed, shredded, dyed and re-spun into thread. In three sizes and three colourways these are the perfect eco friendly way in which to display your favourite house plant.  Please note that these are for use indoors as the recycled material will fade in outdoor UV light.  A great fun way to add some colour and texture to any room setting.  This is the Size Large (25cm) and a size Medium (19cm) and Small (14cm)  are available as separate listing.

The British Colour Standard homeware brand has a great story behind it.  The owners of the brand, Victoria Whitbread and Jackie Piper found an old British Standard colour palette chart dating back to the 1930s in an Oxfam shop and decided to buy the copyright to the range so that they could design a range of candles and other homeware using the unique colours, all with a connection to the old British empire.  The brand also has the highest standards of ethical working and sustainability.


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