Udon Noodles Close Up Wall Art Poster designed by Taisho


Udon Noodles Close Up Wall Art Poster designed by the Danish brand Taisho


50cm x 70cm

Image is printed on a light beige background

Printed on quality 210g quality Matt paper printed on a 12 colour plotter printer which gives an extraordinary colour rendering and great depth of colour than the usual 8 and 10 colour printers.



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This Udon Noodles Close Up Wall Art Poster is designed by Taisho, a great Danish design team whose work combining Japanese and Scandinavian design and style. Udon noodles are a thick Japanese type of noodle with a soft consistency as well as an equally soft curve creatively shown on this striking piece of wall art from Taisho which means ‘contrasts’ in Japanese. Taisho are a Danish and Japanese team and Mads and Ida design and paint all of the range of posters and we fell in love with their work the minute we spotted it! The posters are photographs of acrylic paintings that are printed on to best quality paper on 12 colour plotter printers which give a much wider depth of colour than most posters that are printed on a 8 or 10 colour plotter. A lovely piece of contemporary art for your wall. Please note that the frame is not included, the price is for the poster only.


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