Founded by Jo Jones and based in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, on the edge of the Peak District, the shop name and the shop itself are inspired by Jo’s grandparents, Bill and Edna.

Bill was a hoarder who loved nature and pottering in his garden; Edna loved sewing and being creative. This love of all things natural and creative stayed with Jo and has inspired the sort of things she wanted to sell in her shop.  Good quality design and craftsmanship with an importance placed on using natural and recycled materials in an ethically produced way is core to her vision for Bill & Edna. 

Sourcing from small independent suppliers, individual makers and artisans means that not only is Jo is able to be as assured as possible about the social responsibility of what she sells, she is also able to offer things that are a little different as well.


I love the stories behind the brands we sell.  There are so many talented people out there who create carefully considered products in a range of ethical and sustainable materials and it is great to be able to showcase them at Bill & Edna………..Jo Jones (founder of Bill & Edna)