Appetiser Plate in White from Sthal


Appetiser Plate in White  from Stahl


19.5cm x 13.5cm

Designed in Sweden and handmade in Portugal

The flowing glaze creates a lively surface with shifting colour tones, making each one unique.

Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe


The appetiser plate in White from Sthal is a great little serving dish that will make a great statement piece for your serving table. A useful shape and size that makes it inspiring to set the table with. The colours are beautiful with an effect glaze that gives a depth of colours and variations in appearance with no two platters being exactly alike. The idea behind the Stahl brand is to inspire using different colours, shapes and pattern mixes that create a harmony. Equally as important is the practical nature of the ceramics. Made from durable white clay that is less susceptible to chipping and making them machine washable, oven and microwave safe, so they can be used for serving party food or used in oven to cook and then take to table. The soft Arabesque pattern perfectly complete the other pieces in the collection. Designed to be used forever and absolutely perfect for collecting. Stahl are a Swedish design/stylist duo with a lifelong passion for ceramics and a passion for food and entertaining….leading them to set up Stahl. The pieces are all totally unique and are handmade by ceramic artisans in Portugal.


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