Rock Salt & Driftwood Votive Candle from Eriskay Candles


Rocksalt & Driftwood Votive Candle from Eriskay Candles


Made from pure rapeseed wax (grown in the UK) with only pure essential oils and fragrances added to give a non-toxic burn

Hand poured in a white votive container with steel lid packaged in a luxury white gift box with grey grosgrain bow

9cl single wick candle

Hand poured in Scotland, UK using top quality locally grown sustainable ingredients

Made using top, middle and base note fragrances including cyclamen amber, driftwood and water lily to give a refreshing fruity fragrance

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This Rock Salt & Driftwood votive candle from Eriskay Candles is hand poured in Scotland using only the finest local ingredients and fragrances. Eriskay Candles are an award winning luxury sensory brand making quality candles in their studio based in Edinburgh.  Made from 100% sustainable rapeseed wax with spun cotton and paper woven wicks that ensure a clean non toxic burn.  All ingredients and packaging is sourced here in the UK to ensure a low carbon footprint and everything can be recycled.  All candles are cured over a 14 day period to ensure the fragrance is consistent throughout the lifetime of the candle (unlike cheaper candles that just put the fragrance on the top part of the candle resulting in loss of scent after a few burns).  Each votive has a burn time of 20+ hours and comes with a metal lid wrapped in a luxury white gift box with a grey grosgrain bow.  Perfect for gifting.  All ingredients are vegan friendly, GMO free and are not tested on animals.





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