100% Sheepskin Ella Rug in Cream from Shepherd of Sweden


100% sheepskin Ella rug from Shepherd of Sweden




100cm x 60cm


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This 100% sheepskin Ella rug in Cream from Shepherd of Sweden is a beautiful snug rug that is of an exceptional quality.   A generously sized rug that will add a touch of luxury to any room setting.  The pile is classed as short haired but is dense with a height of approximately 2cm.  Perfect for indoors or popping on an outdoor chair when dining or even good as a snug buggy liner for baby.   Made by the sheepskin experts, Shepherd of Sweden, who have been working with sheepskins for over 70 years and their deep passion for craftsmanship is reflected in their products.  They take responsibility for the whole supply chain – from the buying and preparation of the raw skin to the final product.  The homeware range is made by skilled craftspeople who still do nearly all of the work by hand.  Shepherd of Sweden have their factories in Europe and so are able to guarantee their products because they can keep check on the entire chain, from the tanning and dressing of the hide to the stitching of the finished product.  They meet very strict animal welfare conditions and they guarantee that absolutely no mulesing taking place on any of their farms.

Light soiling: vacuum, use a clothes rollar or hand dry after using a sponge and lukewarm water. Shake and air sheep/lambskins regularly for the best luster and shape, and it is better to do this on a day there is damp in the air. Do not subject the sheepskin to high temperatures or direct sunlight.

Heavier soiling: Skins with a wool length of up to 35mm can be washed in the washing machine using wool shampoo on the wool cycle (max 30 degrees).  It is okay to use spin but avoid using the tumble dryer.  Do not use bleach or conditioner.  Hang or dry flat in room temperature, lightly working the skin whilst still damp to keep the skin flexible. Do not iron. Sheepskins can be dry cleaned by a specialist.


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