Shepherd Home wool pouffe


The Shepherd Home wool pouffe comes in a lovely shade of granite grey.  Known as the ‘Sara’ the wool is a soft woven wool and the pouffe is made up of a fixed part in the bottom which ensures it keeps its shape.  To give the best comfort, the upper top of  the pouffe has a foam rubber making it comfortable to sit on (or rest tired legs on!).  The upholstery is all removable and washable with a drawstring at the bottom.

Height 40cm x Diameter 40 cm

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The Shepherd Home wool pouffe is made from 100% wool and in a lovely shade of granite grey.  Made to an exceptional quality by Shepherd Home who have a deep passion for craftsmanship with their skilled craftspeople still doing the majority of the work by hand.  They are a socially responsible manufacturer with factories based here in the UK and Europe enabling them to be able to guarantee that all of their home ware and accessories ranges are made under good working conditions.  They have over 70 years experience of working with sheepskin and wool and they know that hands and fingers are unbeatable tools when it comes to taking care and producing the right ‘feel’.  All of the wool comes from sheep that have been well take care of, roamed free in a natural environment and have not been part of the any unpleasant ‘mulesing’ practices.


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